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Hi. Welcome to my kite page.

My name is Ferruh Baysu. I am a kite maker and flier from Turkey. I don’t know when I began making kites. I guess I was less then 10 years old. Because of there was no kite book and no one knew to make other type of kites, Lots of years I made several hexagonal kites. But there was three important jump points.

First one was my first kitebook, Kites by David Pelham. I bought in 90ies. This book is a nice book but not includes kite plans, just pictures and drawings of them. I made first box, delta conyne kites from this book. later on I made my first fabric kite, delta conyne. Then I tried to make a Suruga and a Sanjo Rokkaku. Because of the shapes are two dimesional and I didn’t know any thing about bowing kites, I couldn’t flight them. Especially Suruga was so funny, because when you pull the line the kite turns upside down and begin to walk on the ground.

The second jump was Internet.First I learn bowing and flight my Suruga. This was a great time for me. And also I meet with the modern materials, Ripstop Nylon, Fiber and Carbon frame. In first years I cut the Fabric and my mother sew them for me. But when I begin to make bigger kites, my mother stop to sewing for me and I learn to sew.

The third one was on Dalin 2000 International Kite Festival. I meet with some other Turkish Kite Fliers(Halit Cebeci, Ziya Sen and Dogan Ayik) and also Friends from Holland. After several months Halit and I found the Seagull Kite Club. Now, we have more then 600 members in our Kite Club.

Henk Breedland, Henk Boelenes, Maarten Von Hienen and Win De Wildt who are our kite friends from Holland helped me so much. They help me so much about Kitemaking (especially Wim, I am asking lots of questions to him from ICQ), and also obtaining kite making materials.

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