Frejus Port at night. Frejus Port. Frejus Port. Curra is waiting for Breakfast.
We are building our kites. Tent of Carpe Diem.    
Kimono Variant from Tim Hespeler.      
    My cody waits for more wind. My 12 pointstar.
Jose Vicent, the organizer of the Festival.   A hexagon kite of Chris Toff. Maarten's new Double Para Sled.
Wim de Wildt is preparing his bat train. Maarten van Hienen and his wife. Preparing the big ship for take off. A big ship from Henk Boelens.
Sideview of the ship. Henk is carrying his ship.    
A pentagon, ready to flight.  

Anne Gipsen and Henk Breedlend. Designer of the Heksebeest Kites.

A windmill from Netherland.