Frejus is a town on the south of the France, located on the Mediterranean.
Founded by Julius Caesar in 49 B.C., it was an important Roman naval port. The Argens River has since silted up the harbor, pushing the sea about (1.2 km) from the city.
There is an airfield - "BASE NATURE DE FREJUS" which was used in Second World War but now it is a very good place for a Kite Festival. And also there is a very nice place called to pass the night "AZUREVA" where is suitable for hundreds of kite fliers.

This is the 7. International Festival in Frejus. In 2002 the Festival was 3 days but this year it was 2 days because of the European Sport Kite Cahmpionship in Frejus which was between 29-31 October 2003.
The sponsor of the Festival was Office du Tourisme, de la Culture et de l'An.
Thanks to Jose Vicent, organizer of the Festival for organizng this great kite festival.

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